Interior Decorating Online

This service is becoming more and more popular! Are you curious about the way this works?  It’s simple! Just contact t’nt designs and send us some information about yourself, your family, how you live in the space you’re looking to change and any ideas you may have. You will also need to send written details about the room (including measurements) along with photos. Once all this information has been submitted, t’nt designs will then contact you to arrange a time to speak and go over all the details.

Once the details have been confirmed, we will then come up with a design plan for your space, which will include;

-Colour selection of walls

-Furniture selection and arrangement

-Accessories and finishing touches (area rugs, drapery, floral arrangements, mirrors etc.)

-Stores and pricing of where these items can be found

Upon completion of your design package, we will contact you to set up one last phone call to review your new space. During this time you may ask any final questions.

Price: Deposit is $100.00; this will be charged when written details and photos are submitted. The balance of $200.00 will be charged at the conclusion of your last phone call with t’nt designs, when the completed room plan has been reviewed.