Home Staging Packages

What is Staging?

Staging is more than preparing a home for sale. Staging is the technique used by a professional AFTER the home has been cleaned; de-cluttered, painted, and minor repairs have been made. It’s about styling the house for sale and merchandising your property. Curb appeal, traffic flow, lighting, furniture layout, creating the illusion of space and neutralizing are all addressed in order to make your home look universal. What is accomplished is ensuring the buyer can connect with the home.

It’s all about first impressions!

At t’nt designs we create that inspiring and compelling first impression which makes properties more attractive and memorable. Buyers know within the first 30 seconds they are in a house, if it is going to be their home. It’s an emotional decision. Then while walking through the house, they look for signs to support that initial feeling.

At t’nt designs we specialize in the enhancement of residential properties for sale.

Everyone wants to sell it quickly, and at the highest price possible. To do that, your property needs to look its absolute best when listed. t’nt designs turns homes into showpieces, and helps real estate agents and homeowners to merchandise a property to its maximum potential. The end result is a maximized sale price.

Option 1-Home Staging Consultation

t’nt designs will do a walk through and assessment of your home. During this time suggestions and changes will be recorded and the assessment will be reviewed with the home owner at the end of our visit.

Approximately 1 hour is needed for this option.

Price: $75.00

Option 2-Home Staging Consultation and One Hour “Help Me” Stage

t’nt designs will conduct an assessment of your home as well as stay for one hour to conduct a “help me” stage session. During this time we will work with you to stage the room(s) that we feel will make the largest impact for the home. If you need us to stay longer, we can do that too!

Additional time will be charged on an hourly basis.

Price: $200.00

Additional time $75.00 per hour.

Option 3-For the Homeowner Who Loves DIY (Full Instructions)

This option is for the homeowner that loves a DIY (do-it-yourself). t’nt designs will come to your home, complete an assessment and take photos of each room. Then a detailed report will be completed off-site, for each room. We will suggest any improvements and changes that need to be made. We will then set-up a time to review this report, (generally 3-5 business days).

Price: $150.00

Option 4-Let’s Just Talk!

t’nt designs will visit the property and provide the client with a verbal consultation; this will help provide you, the home owner with helpful tips and suggestions on how to prepare the property for sale. The homeowner will be encouraged to take their own notes as we tour the property. This is a great option for a budget conscious homeowner.

Price: $50.00

Option 5-Save Time and Leave It Up To Us!

t’nt designs will come to the property, complete an assessment, take photographs and provide you, the homeowner with a quote, (generally 2 business days).

In order to give an accurate quote we must visit the home and assess what needs to be done and the time it will take.

No estimates will be given over the phone.