Interior Decorating

Interior Decorating

To start off, let’s just talk!

Tell me about your project. t’nt designs will come to your home and together we’ll take a tour. We’ll discuss how you live, how you love to spend your time and what changes you’d like to see. I want to get to know what you’re all about and how you live in your space.

During this time I will complete an assessment and take photos, I will then come up with a complete designs plan (generally 3-5 business days).

Don’t worry, we can do this in stages so it’s not overwhelming or we can complete your project all at once. We can shop together or you can leave it up to me. You can be as involved in every step as you like, or there can be the ‘big reveal’ at completion. It’s your home, I never forget that. Don’t worry I promise this will be fun!

Price: Please contact for pricing.


Interior Decorating DIY (Do-it-Yourself)

For this package you will receive consulting from start to finish; you will meet with t’nt designs 4 times (meetings will be 1 hour each).

First Meeting- t’nt designs will come to your home; we will discuss your wants, your needs, and how you live in your home and get to know you and your family better. During this visit we will pick a paint colour for the room so you can get started. We will also need to take photos at this time for our reference.

Second Meeting-t’nt designs will bring back a floor plan, colour swatches, fabric samples, furniture suggestions etc. You will then be able to pick favourites and talk about any changes you want to make. During this time we will also discuss furniture that you currently own and would like to see used in the space.

Third Meeting-t’nt designs will bring back furniture and accessory suggestions that have been sourced. You will then be able to go out and purchase what you want to use in the space. At this time you can address any other ideas and thoughts you may have.

Fourth Meeting-The final meeting will take place when the space has been completed. t’nt designs will then come in and help with any final placements and tweaking of the room.

Price: $400.00 (client will be charged $200.00 the first visit and the remaining $200.00 during the last visit).

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