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  1. In reply to moshe:How can borders be “expanded” when we cannot even define and or defend the borders we currently have. Moreover, the La Raza disciples in our government believe borders are inherently "racist." You’ll have to expel those traitors first, starting with Maria Solis, head of the Labor Department. We have a long way to go before the Monroe policy of foreign affairs could ever be reinstated.

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  3. Mi sembra comunque un toccasana social-economico il fatto che occasionalmente la gente si dimentica completamente che c'è una crisi.Ovviamente quelle che se ne dimenticano sono le stesse persone se ne lamentano ogni giorno.

  4. I was actually thinking of doing the Sharon Osborne hand shaped into a heart thing when they showed me their hand to avoid shaking it. The last thing I want is for them to know just how nervous I am, nothing betrays nervousness like a clammy hand. But now that I’ve read this? Raising my arms and waving them is the way to go!This is the best interview-grab-that-job-with-both-hands strategy ever. Why aren’t you writing for the job search guru websites of this world???

  5. pluckygritty24 on August 21, 2012 Sure.It would be really nice to be able to put fifty thousand into Bain though for the really high returns. But I can’t do that, for the non-arbitrary reason that finance institutions are set up to squash the small investor. It’s very difficult to compete with automated comp systems and congressmen and women? with inside knowledge. The fact that there are relatively sub-optimal investment options for small investors doesn’t change the fact that Capital is hugely favoured in America.

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  9. Hur verkligheten ter sig? Jag tycker att jag har hyfsad livserfarenhet.Jag försvarar inte vÃ¥ld mot nÃ¥gon. FVad är “massinvandring”? Jag är själv resultatet av den stora invandring som kom till Sverige i början pÃ¥ 60-talet. Rätt nöjd över det faktiskt.Du är fri att lägga din röst pÃ¥ vilket parti du vill givetvis. Jag är övertygad om att Sverige klarar sig helt lysande utan SD. Ha det bra!

  10. napsal:Hodně lidí doporučuje dělat rituály pozdě večer ,nebo v noci ,když všichni spí ,nikdo vás neruší a je klid. To já ale nemůžu ,potřebuji k rituálům energii a ta mi v nočních hodinách většinou chybí. Když neudělám rituál do osmi hodin večer ,už ho většinou neudělám vůbec. Nijak zvlášť mě to ale nedrásá. Ve svém křesťanském období jsem si vždycky vyčítal ,když jsem se večer nepomodlil ,nebo si nepřečetl něco z Bible. Dneska si říkám ,že zítra je taky den.

  11. "There's not just a silence about sexual abuse among black clergy — there's silence about sexual abuse in the Black community, period. It's an issue that often draws disbelief, outright denial or the admonishment to "not talk about it anymore" among families."Such shame causes moral depravity in the Black Community. And this leaves Blacks without a moral compass. Hence, Blacks are a lost race where anything goes. Goodness and doing the right thing is not known, nor is it desired.

  12. Hi Matt-Well to be cartain, I know that your writing was not the focus of the emotion in this circumstance, but your mom must be a remarkably proud lady to have you as a son-and a beautiful family in Maggie and Charlotte. My thoughts and support are with you all. I wish you many more family moments that no doubt will be cherished long after the songs have finished playing.I admire your strength in opening up with words to reflect on this time. Thinking of you all-Katie

  13. Western countries' ruling elites have LONG OPPOSED HUMAN RIGHTS FOR JEWS.What other people on earth do the haters seek to deny INDIGENOUSPEOPLE the right to live, breath and build on their own WORLD-FAMOUSBIBLICAL Jewish homeland – the eternal capital of Israel-Jerusalem-thesite of the GOD designated Jewish Temple, and Judea and Samaria.Israel ignore the rabid Jew-haters – build three million homes! Do it for GOD! Do it for EVERY non-Muslim on earth!

  14. funny you should ask… i popped in on Saturday for the specific purpose of getting two rolls of paper from the kids section (and to get in & out in under 5 min) and ended up with about six other things 20 mins later.the place is addictive i tells you!

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  16. that inner world sounds interesting…. Eastern philosophies teaches us there is an inner universe… Nietzsce craved loneliness and isolation to get in touch with himself, to realize his life more fully… I’m just rambling… got me thinking

  17. For me, it’s not coffee, but getting that candy bar and coke at the gas station. Then I throw in my wife getting something as well and yes, it adds up.I didn’t really realize how much we were spending at gas stations (isn’t gas expensive enough) until I added up on a weekly basis. Needless to say, we only get drink/food when filling up on a long road trip.

  18. Jeg fik french toast første gang i USA i sommers, og jeg var solgt fra første bid! Om jeg begriber, hvordan jeg har kunne styre udenom den danske udgave. Men anyway, jeg er i hvert fald fanget og har lavet det flere gange siden da. Og de SKAL steges i smør.

  19. No romantic angle – the story doesn’t move beyond the point where the children are 6-7 years old. The choice of a white girl is Bates’s, to make his “victory” all the more conclusive – since a white girl in his view represents an “inferior white”, his idea is to show that even a lesser white can assert her supremacy over the black race.

  20. But they do. The key is that well-documented economies don't require such fiefdoms – such as the United States. If one wishes to not live in a gated community, the option is there for the greater part of the population – including the wealthy.On the other hand, one can pick a country in the NATO-defined Third World and look at how many of them require it for anything more than a shanty.While you may be fine with screwing over an economy by the lack of documentation, it has a way of always returning the favor.

  21. Timothy, the democracy at the time of the founding fathers was a timid democracy, available primarily to landowning white males. The history of this country is one of struggling to extend the vision of democracy to everyone regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, or marital or landowning status. It’s a vision to be proud of and to continue struggling for.

  22. Thank you for your comment. Interesting piece on cinema and spirituality, its true our lives do reflect a search within our souls to find and know God and that reflects in all aspects of life & art.

  23. Difíl acreditar!!!Testes de cruzes são sempre para lamentar. Mas para magistrados!!!?Não haver tempo para anular os testes e fazer outros? Como fui professora não consigo sequer imaginar tal coisa!!!!Nota de 10 a todos? E os que copiaram? E os que estudaram?E os vigilantes das provas?Escândalo sobre escândalo!!!!Onde iremos nós parar?!!!!!Um beijo.

  24. “Hỏi để làm chi? Có giải quyết được gì cho người ta đâu? Có thay đổi được gì đâu?”–> Nen hoi chu Minh! Dau phai cai gi cung can giai quyet hay thay doi rach roi. Nhieu khi chi can lang nghe thoi cung du lam nguoi noi cam thay duoc quan tam va ton trong, giup ho cam thay tinh nguoi va thay cuoc doi do~ kho khan hon…

  25. 11. januar 2009Ole. Ja, jeg giver fuldstændig ret i at det ikke høre nogen steder hjemme … meeeen, Erwin hoppede ogsÃ¥ selv med pÃ¥ dén bÃ¥d!Erwin:Jeg skal gøre den forstÃ¥eligt anonyme BERTI den tjeneste at gÃ¥ let hen over hans mindreværdskompleks (som mÃ¥ være betydeligt, nÃ¥r det kan vækkes af en person, der Ã¥bent vedkender sig sin ydmyge position i tegneserieverden og tilskriver den egen inkompetence).

  26. >>Also, looking at your post, who are you to lecture me on English when you’re unable to spell simple words?Typos are my way of life thank you very much ;)and i’m not lecturing you, I noticed how anal you are about your art when most of the time it looks ok so I figured you would kinda like to improve on your writing skills which happens to have some problems here and there , just read again your intro to this comic that’s usually what i do when I write a full paragraph and didn;t noticed using the same word twice.

  27. Great post! Definitely good to hear from someone who has had both good and bad experiences. I will make sure to reference your list before I sign up with anyone. I think asking the right questions would go a long way to having the right expectations and a positive experience.

  28. Nick, did this girl wear the swimsuit to be holy and show her holiness to the world, or did she wear this swimsuit because her conviction was to be holy before the Lord? The girl had the right to be at the beach and if she was willing to stand out and not be the norm, but hold to her convictions, she should be applauded, not condemned.

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  31. – Another one crawls out of the woodwork. I wonder how many other lurkers there are out there. Thanks for “coming out” (I really hope you’re not male!) and glad you enjoy the Tommy images. To be honest even if I never take another Tommy photo, I have enough to last the next five years!

  32. we, humans, are NOT chimps. We? also do not have: The biology to eat meat or the complex digestive chemistry, absorptive, transportive, and assimilative biochemistry, the tooth structure, claws, the ability to outrun other animals, or the instinct. There is overwhelming epidemiological evidence that meat and dairy consumption are key causal factors in many of man’s degenerative diseases.

  33. hallo, der ricky tom addison hat bei mir auch angefragt – und mir sogar von der Bank of england eine Bestätigung geschickt dass das Geld deponiert sei.… versucht einfach mal die Mailadressen aus – funktioniert gar nichts… also, Hände weg.Wem müsste man das eigentlich melden… das geht doch nicht, dass die da furwärchen können wie sie wollen…

  34. می‌گه:کامنت رضا خواندنی بود اما بامدادی جان از چند تا نظر تو وب سایت بی بی سی، این برداشت رو کردن بی انصافی نیست؟اینها نماد «وب فارسی» هستن؟!!!

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  36. Abdelmalek is very lucky to be alive. your whole family is very lucky to have him still in their lives. his mother…imagine how relieved she must have been to have him home after something like that.he’s a beautiful man, very strong and beautiful. thank you Abrar.

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  40. oh, génial, je ne savais pas que tu avais un autre blog et de ce fait une autre passion, bravo à toi, c’est aussi alléchant qu’en cuisine et puis quel boulot de tenir 2 blogs, dis moi, si tu bosses en plus à côté de ça, ben, chapeau bises

  41. love these photos! and congrats on the new camera! i know about this love for inanimate objects after i just got bose headphones for my bday. the thought of listening to music on them is what gets me out of bed in the morning! hahaha that sounds so terrible…

  42. lol. Well for Riley’s birthday, they wouldnt allow me to bring ANY food! Most schools/daycares wont allow home made stuff until a certain grade. In fear of food poisoning or food allergies. lol. So yeah, im sure most parents would be ok with the store bought cup cakes. =)

  43. Today, I went to the beachfront with my children. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is totally off topic but I had to tell someone!

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  47. We’ve been following Zoe’s journey closely as we’re going through the same thing with our little one Emse at Great Ormond Street in London. We’re a couple of days into the Campath treatment so are a couple of weeks behind Zoe. Thanks for writing this blog, it’s a major achievement given what you obviously having to go through at the moment, however it’s very it’s much appreciated – your story is so similar to ours. Remember that each day that they get through of their treatment is a day closer to getting them home with their families where they belong.Jason and Kelly in London

  48. As an ex-restaurant manager and a current photographer you would think I have lots of food shots but as you found out, it’s much harder to shoot food than people think.Looks great but might be a bit salty for me as I use very little if any salt. But I do love Pesto.Outstanding! Keep up the great work.

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  51. Ha, Bettina! I know exactly what you mean about the butter situation. It really is a New York deli type of thing, and yes, it is kind of funny — even though, as you rightly point out, I didn’t bring it up for the sake of humor.And yes, thanks for pointing out Ed’s post. I have been reading people’s thoughts on this, and I know there are lots of conflicting opinions, but like you, I’m in favor of taking a step — any step — no matter how imperfect. We’ll see where things really end up….

  52. Heh, don’t be sorry, Scott. It’s *supposed* to be vague. I wanted to leave the reader questioning, “Why should he? What darkness is she hiding?”So you’re right on the money. Perfect, thank you! :)Anthony C. Lanni´s last blog post ..Like? 0

  53. Ist bestimmt unfair. Eben nur mein persönlicher Kontrast, bei dem Taipei gegen Hannover und Umgebung schlecht abschneidet. Es sei denn, man geht nächstens auf den Straßen der Kleinstadt in der Region Hannover zu Fuß, dann schneidet wieder Taipei besser ab. Nicht immer natürlich.Und die Gitter kriegen die Neubauten auch noch, eben später 😉

  54. When he pulled the sac I was literally in tears, It was a thing of beauty. He really should’ve gotten a gold medal, standing ovation, the orchestra playing the star spangled banner, and a cool statue of some sort, cause that was the best ever, if only other poppers would follow that same set, minus the language and yelling. I was overly impressed with this video.Well-loved.

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  67. Dave, I live in fear, I expect all the Pindown survivors do. That horrible thing that I have just read is one of the nastiest most evil things I have ever seen. It also rings true. People like me aren't ganging up, we just want the blinking persecution to stop, and the kid fiddling to stop as well!

  68. I love getting insights into how other writers’ minds work! Your ideas all sound so intriguing, Kelsey. I listened to One Girl Revolution–what great energy!I have a friend who is finishing up graduate work at NYU in film scoring. He also writes novels and does just what you do–always uses soundtrack music for inspiration.

  69. Hej jeg er startet pÃ¥ kuren for et par dage siden, og hÃ¥ber virkelig pÃ¥ god resultater. Rigtig god blog du har:). Linser og bønner ka godt give gas i maven og ma. Har tendens til at prutte lidt for meget, hehe. Men jeg synes nu godt min mave laver al for mange lyde konstant. Er det normalt for de fleste el er jeg den eneste:(? ….Hilsen Amna

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