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  14. Also, before i even watch the video i always look at the ratings to see if its worth watching firstNow i may maste several minutes watching a video that could be a waste of time by not being able to see the ratings first or we'll just have to click one of them buttons "like" or "dislike" button just to see the ratings.If most people just did that the ratings wouldn't be accurate at all on the actual video please change it back!also, when i go on a video, i cant see the channel which uploaded the video..?

  15. 20.08.2011Je ne pense pas que les 3/4 des français soient des expats, je suis bien place pour le savoir, il y a de plus en plus de français qui vivent avec 2000 euros ou 2500 euros / mois en Russie et s’y sentent bien..Vous vous trompez totalement sur ce point.

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  20. Kurt9: what do you plan to do with all the nuclear waste that will be generated by using that power for desalinization and other needs? also, using water to irrigate marginal cropland results in myriad problems, including ruining the land (think Egypt, Kazakhstan).

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  26. There was some communication, but not a lot according to the interview, I’m trying to find a link ATM if your interested. Hense the rumors that Sonic 2 would have time travel. And no back then there wasn’t much in the way of caring about chronological placement. But the information about most of that, the development and seperate teams and the games delayed release etc as well as the original creator saying Sonic CD was supposed to be the successor to Sonic 1 came long after their respective releases.

  27. Yeah, they do need that. But they sure as hell don’t need you hovering over them every damn second while they do it. But hey, my 11 month old will happily play on her own for 30 minute stretches before she wants my attention, so what I do know.

  28. If they can fix this touch and drag issue this would be an awesome OS. One game to test the response time is any Airhockey game, that requires you to move the puck around with your finger. With IOS the puck doesnt leave your finger, HC its an inch away with a delay to catch up. I would love to use HC and newer products but that choppiness annoys me and makes it feel like a cheap chinese knock off of some sort.

  29. zegt:Wauw! Wat te gek dat je dit echt gaat doen!! Je portfolio ziet er prachtig uit! Ik ben t helemaal met je eens dat t goed kan zijn om uit je comfortzone te stappen hoe eng dat inderdaad ook is. Ik wens je heel veel plezier en succes met je nieuwe werk! Laat die glans maar komen

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  31. I’m 52 years old and was a ward of the state of KY in 1976 for 6 months. I have steiors I could tell which would probably open investigations into the way we WERE treated and are STILL treated here in KY. It was completely barbaric, violent and exploitative, and it affected me until I was into my 20s, and I am sure had effects the rest of my life. I’ve been completely above-board and dirt poor for the subsequent 34 years, but I will FOREVER be branded by the experience, and NOBODY cares.

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  33. By , November 9, 2008 at 6:31 pmThe reason why I cheated in the past was because I wasn’t attracted to them anymore. I was attached to my boyfriends emotionally but physically the attraction wasn’t there. I didn’t sleep around but I sure did kiss other guys, lol. The last relationship I cheated was in 2001 (I was 22) so I’ve give up on the cheating YEARS ago.

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  35. We have a woodpecker living in our eaves…..unfortunately he doing more than leave his poop on our deck below…he’s pecking at our eaves. Woodpeckers are an endangered species, so we can’t do anything about it!

  36. I’ve been waiting a very long time for this costume guide, and you have no idea how happy I was when I saw it on the front page. I’m certainly no expert on costumes, but I just love the way you’ve analysed almost each and every scene. Such attention to detail makes me feel warm inside. “Apart from the uniform trousers and knitted scarf, these are all garments seen on Watson during Sherlock Holmes 1.” –Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember him wearing the gabardine slip-on in SH1…Anyhow, fantastic job, and I’m very much looking forward to Part 2!

  37. Hahahaha!! I will never understand how you read Gwyenth, but not SM!!!! And the pager thing killed me too. I totally remember it making sense!!! It’s humbling to realize you are no longer on the cutting edge of cool (and liberating to discover you don’t care!).

  38. clarice / a batata só é vilã qdo frita, isto é a fritura que é a vilã…além desssas propriedades da reportagem…. também é ótima pra quem tem problemas estomacais como eu…..é só tomar o “suco” da batada crua…..(ralar ou bater no liquidificador) coar e pronto….substitui na hora a Ranitidina,Omeprazol,e ou outro anti-ácidos estomacais…(as vezes eu como um bom pedaço crua que não é tão ruim)Gostei deste comentário ou não: 3

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  42. Ah, as a bit of a sheep expert I have to say that's right on the money. Great sheep knowledge, stunning rhyme.I wonder, however, why if it's pronounced 'Supervalue' it isn't spelt 'Supervalue'? One missing vowel can't save that much.

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  44. Lovepeaceohana, welcome to the News with Nipples. I know what you mean – just because the speaking roles in a movie are given to male characters doesn’t stop it being funny, or interesting, or frightening, or sad. And I don’t think it’s right to demand that every movie has equal numbers of men and women in roles in front of the camera and behind the camera, but many stories don’t involve equal gender split. The issue is when all the movies are like this, and for no real reason.

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  46. In 1879 cocaine began to be used to treat morphine addiction. Cocaine was introduced into clinical use as a local anesthetic in Germany in 1884, about the same time as Sigmund Freud published his work Ãœber Coca, in which he wrote that cocaine causes exhilaration and lasting euphoria, which in no way differs from the normal euphoria of the healthy person..

  47. I thought readings in the vernacular read ad orentium (sp?) at the high-altar with a raredos by a priest, deacon, or an ‘also known as sub-deacon’ was a thing proper to the Ordinary Form…. oh chicken-biscuits! I was thinking of Father Fessio. (How I love his rebellious conservatism)

  48. I have had a crush on Bryan White pretty much my whole life. Fairly certain I fantasized about what our wedding would be like (when we had it) cause I was pretty freaking obsessed. Do not be ashamed. Thomas from Pocahontas rocked my prepubescent world… and he's even a redhead. 

  49. Hey Dante, you’re right – brand is very important and my original intent was to use my name. But what I thought would be fun was to find a domain name and create a brand that would ultimately represent myself and this blog. I think I’m getting close to that. Thanks.

  50. aku yang terbaring di biduk penantian…menggelepar tak mendapat air…aku yang tercerabut dari rimpang induk..keriput di serap sang waktu..o….sudahkan menjadi abutiang-tiang penyangga hasratbelukar-belukar penghalang cintapenaka laron yang terbang mencari cahaya..

  51. Altijd weer dat flauwe excuus dat critici geen idee hebben hoe de wielerwereld in elkaar steekt. Mensen die zich over dit onderwerp uitspreken zijn doorgaans zeer goed op de hoogte.Het zal kloppen dat wielerjournalisten deel uitmaken van redacties waar geen ruimte wordt geboden voor diepgaand onderzoek, maar een man als Smeets heeft wel tijd om minstens één boek per jaar af te scheiden en in diverse media columns te vullen. Die tijd zou ook anders besteed kunnen worden.

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  53. have a box of sharpened pencils available to students because the noise from the electric pencil sharpener is too disruptive. However, I think we think alike in that we prefer teaching respect, responsibility, and problem solving over obedience.

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  55. OK, so let’s assume that Rice was simply giving the “best intelligence she had at the time just for argumments sake. Then we have one of two senarios: either she is out of the loop, would not have been given access to the emails that clearly named an AQ affiliate as the source of the attack, and simply received her information from the direction of the Oval Office, who lied to her as Obama knew, within hours, who initiated the attack. That makes her incompetent and nothing more than a talking head for the administration.Or she lied.Which is it, Lib1?Reply

  56. Esse aumento salarial é precisamente o que acontece na Grécia, cuja polícia de choque fechou os anarquistas no seu bairro aquando da última greve geral, dando a oportunidade de ouro à imprensa de a glorificar de tão pacífica que foi. Tivesse isso acontecido em Cuba, queria ler as vozes democráticas do burgo… O artigo que li no JN tinha um tom teatral, pelo símbolo que carregava: um polícia tinha levado flores, entregues por manifestantes, para depositar numa estátua. Pois se nós estamos todos do mesmo lado, por que há-de haver contestação social?

  57. Per ǚşå÷₣ŗẻễ "Statue di Bamiyan?"Diventerà la succeditrice della legge di Godwin? :DNon mi suona succeditrice, anche se è riportato dai dizionari: non possiamo dire "sostituta" o "succedanea" o "l'evoluzione"?

  58. Quote: "This is a “theocratic power struggle between rival mullahs”."Another characterization of this election = "the holocaust denier" (Ahmadinijad, participated in 1979–1981 Iran Hostage Crisis) vs. "the holocaust supporter" (Mousavi, founder of Hezbollah, responsible for bombing of Marines in Beirut). There are countless videos portraying the post election demonstrations available online. Pay attention to the audio . . .listen for the ever present vile bloodlust calls of 'alahu ackbar' saturating the air while Iranian blood saturates the pavement.

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  61. Stuart,I see that lighting used a fair amount of energy in 2001. In a number of countries such as Brazil, Venezuela, New Zeeland, Australia, Canada and EU it is not allowed to sell the old light bulb any longer, with some exceptions. What about US?

  62. it, but I agree. ‘Postmodernity’, on the other hand, probably does speak to some of these shifts. No, scratch that – using words like that will probably just get me labelled a ‘postmodernist’.

  63. Hmmm, a bonus point. There’s an incentive I can’t resist! Okay, I will put the tatty ones under the sink and use them for dusters and cloths for paint spills. I’ll use the long ones as hair curlers (roll hair into the middle of sock when damp, tie both ends to secure, sleep, wake up with curls). Do I get my point?

  64. Rah-Shell, The Museum Express Tour is a really big event that goes to eight major museums in Dallas and Fort Worth. We would like to talk about the tour and possible enhancements. As for the meet-up, we will definitely view and discuss some art. Not sure how the DMA feels about impromptu tours. Cheers.

  65. Lopes, a crítica ao Gobern não tem nada que ver com as suas opiniões sobre o Vieira. Fala-se aqui sobre as mentiras – vou repetir: MENTIRAS – que ele disse em horário nobre. Vai ver o que ele disse, depois diz qualquer coisa.No resto, e apesar de não ser nada disso que fizemos aqui, concordo contigo.

  66. What! You cannot refuse to join the NEA? Wasn’t that way when I taught. I never joined that band of radicals. It not surprised they would recommend such a book. The membership in the NEA, may not lean as far left as the leadership, but its there that the decisions are made and the members are stuck with whatever comes from those.

  67. Ser fã é uma coisa tão magíca.É amar uma pessoa que vc nem conhece direito, ter ciúmes dela, sonhar com ela, enfrentar filas, fazer fã clubes e ficar 24 horas procurando noticias, vendo fotos, videos ouvindo sua voz em suas musicas e vendo seu jeito perfeito de ser em tudo; Ser fã não é apenas saber o nome da pessoa, a data do nascimento, saber as musicas, ir em shows. ser fã é amar aquela pessoa como se fosse um amigo, um membro de sua família. Euardo Costa sou sua fã.

  68. Gracias a ti, me he llevado una muy grata sorpresa esta mañana al encontrar tu blog. Espero que puedas seguir publicando con regularidad temas tan interesantes, te seguiré con interés. Siempre es un placer encontrarse en el mundillo 2.0 con un colega de profesión Lo mismo digo, encantado de conocerte y nos leemos!

  69. Et mon aversion de la valse des pseudos, Phil, z’en faites quoi?Me serais pseudoïsée « Décadente » tout court, alors.(Archi-Décadente, à la rigueur, pour le A et le D).Lentilles? certainement pas !… les flous (lunettes tombées) tellement nécessaires par moment; une certaine vision du monde… plus douce.Les tâtons qui empêchent les certitudes.

  70. Utter bullshit. Dude needs to be arrested at the very least. Let him cool his heels in jail overnight and see if he can be a little less arrogant when he gets out. “The little lady is just upset.” Um, fuck yeah. I would be, too. Only, I would have pressed charges against his ass.

  71. Came across this site as I am trying to work out why my family is so vile, they backstab, drag up peoples pasts, stick there nose into every ones business, twist things to suit themselves. My nephew as he doesnt have a good relationship with his mother is trying to come between myself and my son by telling lies and saying things that my son has said it is very hurtful I know I need to distance myself but feel sorry for my son as I feel they have used him to have their fun.

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  75. Kjm:Just that I chanced to be in Stockholm and then D.C. on business – the Russians were a complete serendipitous discovery and then I thought to balance it with some Dutch paintings as I was aware Russia was a particularly poor nation prior to the 20th century. Blogging about it for no more profound reason than that it makes a change from the endless graphs…

  76. Ja julen gik som den skulle mens nytÃ¥ret voldte mig problemer. Jeg holdt nærmest en tre-dags sceance hvor vi fik mad fra professinelle kokke. Puha den var hÃ¥rd. Til sidst kunne jeg ikke modstÃ¥ marcipan og saltstænger (underlig kombination).God tur til Tulle og lad os alle love hinanden at arbejde mod mÃ¥let, sÃ¥ 2007 bliver Ã¥ret hvor vi bliver ‘normalvægtige’ – er I med mig?

  77. Si España es un país cristiano y católico No hay sitio para los que no son ni cristianos ni católicos.Como puede hablar así un “padre de la Constitución” donde se expresa la libertad de culto y se promete el respeto de religiones, culturas y sexos.Con la ley de la Memoria Histórica en la mano habría que retirar a este facha de la vida política.

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  425. Margaret, it does appear that most here don’t want a different view. Guess it is kind of like when Joseph Smith had the newspaper “Nauvoo Expositer” destroyed here in Nauvoo, IL. I mentioned one book “Know Man Knows My History” because it is a fair look at the Founder of the Mormon Church…Joseph Smith. In no way (Kaimi) was I implying that there aren’t numerous other books or that most of you here, haven’t read them…geez!Yeah, Margaret that’s the ticket…send me off to another blog ’cause I don’t agree with you!

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