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  5. Gracias por el comentario,Entiendo tu posición y la defensa del derecho a la percepción de una parte proporcional de la paga de diciembre. No obstante, como sostenemos, el tenor literal del RD-Ley no deja lugar a interpretaciones y, sobre todo, la doctrina constitucional sobre “derechos adquiridos” y prohibición de retroactividad es muy clara y contundente. De forma que me atrevo a vaticinar que los recursos que se formulen por esta causa no prosperarán. Personalmente, entiendo que lo más adecuado habría sido que la norma dejase expresamente a salvo el periodo anterior a su entrada en vigor.Un saludo.

  6. Fox News in the USA appears to be the propaganda arm of the Republican Party and the far right.Why would an Australian arm of the same corporation be any different?They were described by a British parliamentarian as being “a mafia like” organisation.

  7. Lost Goat: What did you end up getting? And thanks, I didn’t have the time or inclination to run the numbers during preparations for a layoff of all things, so it worked out for the best this way. @Investing Newbie: I’m glad I always have at least one person scolding me about pooh-poohing gains. Thanks!

  8. : une insolation? ah, c'est la preuve que le soleil se montre parfois…@ Claudialucia : je reprends le rythme… avec beaucoup de billets en retard! Oui, la librairie Dialogues un lieu formidable pour la lecture! Merci pour tous tes mails…@ Mango : oh, tu me fais plaisir en dinat cela!@ Dominique : mon GR a bien grossi également ! Mais il n'est pas question de le mettre au régime…

  9. Ouch, Pouya, thats kinda embarassing. JZ, I assume, though, that you agree that Israel DOES steal water. (Hint: Im setting you up for embarassment if you say no. Remember that whole “israels gdp is higher than all its neighbors combined thing”…)

  10. Okay, sorry everyone for that departure from my usual commenting style. But! Ju! *waves again at Ju*Thanks so much for all the poems — I’m loving them. And now I really feel like some avocado brussels sprout ice cream. And tink, yes, that was Shel Silverstein! :o)

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  12. Do bear in mind that the injury numbers are likely bogus. Boston FD, for example, is famous for having nearly everybody retire with an "injury" aka disability. Why? Disabled firefighters get a tax exemption for their pension. In every state where public safety (fire & police) get a substantial benefit for retiring with a disability I would expect this kind of fraud to go on.

  13. u dnt have 1 tenth of the intelligence of akin akin. I think u need medical treatment sef….see the rubbish you typed here. With ppl like u I wonder how naija will develop.u are definitely a govt agent. Same thing goes for that sulaiman.Akin akin, u are a great man. Well done sir.

  14. No se quiere recordar que el Sr. Rajoy ya ha gobernado y sabemos qué hizo. El señor de los hilillos en la crisis del Prestige : ” La marea no vá a llegar a las rias bajas “. ” La proa está mejor que la popa “. Era ministro y se congeló el sueldo de los funcionarios. Si en economia bollante conjela el sueldo que haría en crisis. Lo más reciente : toma notas y al repasarlas no entiende que habia escrito ¡ qué fuerte !.Me gusta o disgusta: 0  0

  15. Culliver cost us the game, like he has so many others. He always plays too far off, misses routine tackles, gives up a TD every game, at least one holding penalty a game, and taunts the opposing players if he manages to make a play – total bush league. Dump him now.

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  18. It’s hard to tell from the article. Is the Parliamentary vote only symbolic or does it have the force of law? Does anybody know? Of course even if if the vote is only symbolic, some Labour MPs will attempt to retaliate. I know the governing Conservative Party is not as socially conservative as the Republican Party but aren’t the Conservatives still generally more friendly to religion than Labour?

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  23. Zach Jones | January 30, 2011 at 11:09 am | bo and the muslim brotherhood started planning this Egyptian Jihad in 2008 when bo met with the mb in Washington. Late year, bo sent the Terrorist Bill Ayers to Egypt to prepare for the bo and muslim brotherhood to overthrow the Egytian Government.See the articles posted above. bo’s involvement with the Egyptian Jihad is well documented.

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  25. J’aimerais m’opposer à vous sur un point: l’extrême-droite aux US a au contraire beaucoup de poids d’après moi, et oui, le Tea-Party je le vois comme d’extrême-droite (anti-immigration, valeurs religieuses, famille d’abord, etc…).

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  28. Bonjour/Bonsoir Voici ma question actuellement j’ai 20 ans ma copine en a 15 ( 16 le 6 janvier ) Je suis donc punissable par la loi si j’ai bien compris ( S’il y a acte consenti ou non )Admettons qu’une personne extérieure à la famille ait porté plainte contre moi et que tout ceci aille devant la justice est-ce que je risque vraiment gros ?Ou peut-il y avoir des circonstances atténuantes ? Par exemple le fait qu’elle ait bientôt 16 ans ?Merci à vous si vous répondez à mes quelques questions …

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  31. Y mayor participación en las decisiones políticas por parte de los ciudadanos. Yo creo que en Baleares y desde un gobierno más democrático y participativo se puede establecer algún proyecto ambicioso que favorezca cada vez más la participación de sus ciudadanos en determinadas decisiones públicas.Un nuevo modelo de democratización social.

  32. Makana, I think that the idea here is not that we have to get married to be fully human, but that masculinity and femininity (married or not) work in tandem. One can’t exist without the other.I see this dynamic at play all the time, even in my single life. And the more I allow myself to relax and accept my God-given femininity (which looks different for everyone) the more “fully human” I become. Husband or not.

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  34. Je me demande comment vous, Le Monde, vous n’avez pas honte de publier un article comme celui la après ce magnifique mariage qui fait taire définitivement ces fausses et ridicules rumeurs. Arrêtez d’être jaloux de Monaco, soyeux plutot heureux pour le couple princier et faites comme tout le monde : reconnaissez votre erreur de journalistes !!!!! MAGNIFIQUE MARIAGE, ATMOSPHERE FEERIQUE ET COUPLE SUBLIME!!!!

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  36. Phew, you have just taken all the steam off me… Thank you.I’ve been to several places in Britain, my favorite being not Wales but Edale. I post both praise and bitching on polkaontheisland.wordpress.com, look there if you want to be complimented sometimes.I apologise for calling you names.

  37. ABSOLUTELY I am a activist for animal rights and chickens are treated in very in humane way with never leaving a 11″ cage never leaving until they are killed the Lucky ones die in their cage I say this because they are injected with growth hormones from the day they are born so the factory yes factory do not have to keep feeding them which is less than one &half months hook on to United States Humane Socity and you will see undercover flim this has been going on for YEARS Im glad people are starting to wake up

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  39. … "History will note Obama was the first president to lose AAA+ rating."That was the whole purpose of the S&P grandstand.To embarass the first black President.Racist bull$hit.11:01 AM"Amazing how such a genius can get played so bad, is it not?

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  41. , "you didn't need a synagogue to have a Jewish identity." There were Jewish neighbors, Jewish friends, Jewish family.But not in Bentonville, where her daughter brought home from day care a picture of Jesus to color in. Suddenly, a synagogue did not seem like a luxury anymore, but a necessity to preserve her family's Jewish heritage.This reminds me of a comment by a 19th Century British traveler quoted in an article in the '90's on the topic of the Balkans and their wars: "The true religion of Albania is Albanianism"

  42. Instead of re-releasing the album and reworking some tracks from the album (which I don’t think he needs to do) how about putting out a video for the album? Pushing a new single from the album? Doing something other than trying to “retool” a great album?These rappers need to take notes from Danny Brown and how he is building a steady fan base. How many video’s does he have from The Hybrid?

  43. As a mother of two young children, one with autism,I would definitely say that mine is “Love doesn’t fly off the handle.” It seems that I tend to be reactionary rather than allowing God’s love to instill the patience in my that I need to love my husband and children. Thanks, Pete, for helping me think about this today and to focus my efforts on not “flying off the handle” today.

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  48. As far as I am aware, the author of the paper addresses the point that Thras makes. The models assume that mortality of males is not completely random, but evenly distributed among families. I noticed this quote: “removing a single son from a family with two sons removes 50% of their sons, whilst from a family with five sons, it removes 20%. Across a population, this translates to a greater loss of males from families with less sons”.

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  57. Linda,Is the maze a prayer labyrinth? When I was teaching religious ed we had a small one that the children could run their fingers through as they prayed and meditated. I know there’s a full-sized one not too far from here in the gardens at Ohio State, not a prayerful place, but the idea is to walk the labyrinth and pray.

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  62. What are you, 12? Your comment is entirely intellectually bankrupt – on several levels.“I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in but leading or driving them out of it.”- Benjamin […]

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  70. In regards to you turning Pro, maybe go for the “low hanging fruit”? Meaning, try to go PRO in mtn biking, Cross, or some other form of cycling racing, instead of road. At least for now. I can’t think of one great TdF rider that started out as a PRO mtn biker……oh wait!! haha. Anyhow, explore all options, some might actually have enough money to make this ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ run worth it. good luck.

  71. Oh my god! Talk about complete and utter delusion!!It doesn't matter if you're poor/rich, come from a good/bad family, fraud and identity theft is still a crime! I really can't believe that email…good on you for publishing it, and showing up how absolutely ridiculous they are!

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  77. The only way to interpret 'cooperation' is to go with the Democrat line …any other is considered a blocking tactic, not cooperation. Only they, the Dumbocrats, have ALL the answers and the real problem is that the Republicans do not respond to the BS by Reid and company. It is time to show America that the real road-block is Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats…

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  80. Maju. I was merely pointing out that the European expansion into America has parallels with the modern human expansion into Europe. Many people involved in the European expansion into America argued that the indigeneous inhabitants were hardly human. So it’s hardly “like comparing apples and oranges”.

  81. 09/06/2012 – 9:31pmEstaba arreglando unas cosas de mis vacaciones y me he retrasado mucho.Me está pareciendo un partido bastante mediocre, y, por mucho que se inventen Petón y el guacamayo que está con él unas supuestas “germanies” (que decía Lluís Llach) madridistas, bastante violento.Solo ha valido la pena por el disparo de Pepe.

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