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  11. Dearest Vix, Helga is fabulous! A Canadian Club skirt no less? I like a bit of Canadian Club in my vodka. I love the way you've styled the skirt with the body and beret and the ring is gorgeous too. Look forward to seeing Saturday's dress. The postman story made me smile! Love, C xx

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  18. Hi Pet Lover,I certainly didn’t mean rescue wasn’t important – I do rescue myself – but we’re one of the many unwashed hordes that Dorinda doesn’t allow to pull from “her” shelter. So we will be going to a different high kill shelter in Central Texas. We don’t have as much money or as many volunteers as APA does so we will only be able to save 2 animals today, and the rest will likely die. I will leave crying.

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  25. Never heard of seed ticks. I hope I never walk through them either. Yes, the B & W mode on cameras leave a lot to be desired. Same too for the one click B & W conversion in post processing photo programs. A good B & W takes a few steps more to accomplish.

  26. So will millions of others who have never spent a moment around radioactive elements…How many of them will die of cancer because of their exposure to radioactivity vs. just die of cancer like millions of others? The answer might not be as obvious and you think it would be. The guy smoking probably has a higher chance of developing it. Godspeed to the ones who smoke, eat charbroiled red meat and work at the plant! lol

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  32. Belated happy birthday to your dad! I'll bet you brought a smile to the old boys' faces in the care home!Your diet/fitness regimen sounds great… no doubt that it keeps you in fantastic shape. That and your positive spirit I reckon….

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  37. yes, indeed.@ Brilynn: The cantaloupe here in Australia is very sweet and Greek yogurt is extremely creamy. Hence, great combination.@ Dimah: YES!@ Sara: Try it. It's good.@ Jackie: Thanks!@ oneordinaryday: Thanks. It's delicious.@ Ivy: quilt free frozen dessert 😉

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  48. Barb and Sam Evans – Nicole, the pix are awesome! You do beautiful work. Knowing you since you were a little girl, and, loving Lisa and Brett the way we do, we know you all enjoyed the time together. We are all really looking forward to the wedding.Thanks again, Barb and Sam

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  53. Hei Bodil, eg har nett oppdaga bloggen din, den er heilt utruleg flott! Følger den no! Skulle ønske eg kunne ta bilder som deg! Hos meg er det Flickr som gjeld, enn så lenge:-) Såg at du tidlegare har lagt ut hus til salgs på Stord, har du fleire slike fine hus til sals? (he he:-)) Helsing ei som blir storabu igjen til sommaren:-).

  54. Sorry to say this, but the 3G S rumors have been going around for months now. Since the introduction of the first iPhone they have updated the model at the same time every year, and it was pretty much a slam dunk that they would do the same this year. It really isn’t a surprise.Sorry to hear that you guys got screwed, but I’ve been waiting for about 4 months with a half broken miserable RAZR for the new iPhone to come out.

  55. Hello my friend! I love Love LOVE SDC but haven’t been there in years! I need to head down there this fall and soak it all up. I’m about 3 hours north of SDC. Can’t wait to check out your fall decorations and some yummy food I KNOW you will be cookin’ up. May the Lord bless ya and keep ya my friend!!! And tell your beautiful daughter HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  56. I like what Plant Lady had to say except blowing everything back into their yard will only cause a feud. I would do the video thing and use it in court if I had to. In most places it’s illegal to blow or sweep anything into the street. I believe the idea of a blower is to blow everything into a corner and then pick it up for disposal.

  57. Hi my dear-you are such an inspiration, a totally fabulous post and a big well done for having your mortgage paid up too!! Your finds never cease to amaze me and your house looks totally awesome from all the finds you've so successfully scored!! Love your mini dress from yesterdays shop too and well done on getting those flights booked!! xx

  58. I am really loving the theme/design of your blog. Do you ever run into any web browser compatibility issues? A handful of my blog readers have complained about my site not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Safari. Do you have any ideas to help fix this issue?

  59. Wonderful post!! Years ago, crabby, tactless, and self-congratulatory people only impacted those in their immediate area. Now, by posting one stupid remark, they can hurt many. I say, "Delete away!!". There is enough negativity in the world without their input. On a positive note, you are an inspiration – both as a quilter and a human being. Thank you!

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  61. This last weekend a friend brought me a BIG armful of Forsythia – a wooden branch filled with star-shaped yellow flowers. As I propped them up in a tall vase I felt like spring had entered my home…and along with it, hope. It was the most simple of joys and it did well for my heart.

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